February 15, 2012

Vanilla Olive Oil Scrub

I found this recipe for a vanilla brown sugar body scrub on Pinterest a while ago and it seemed to be one of the more popular recipes. I wanted to try it out to see if it was as good as it sounded.

The only ingredients you need are:
Brown Sugar
White Sugar
Olive Oil

First, find the jar you will use to store this scrub, then measure out equal parts brown sugar and white sugar so that it will fill the jar completely. While mason jars look the cutest if you are giving this mixture as a gift, they are not the most functional for reaching your hand in. I used this VersaGlass jar made by Ziploc (these are new and so functional! I love them!)

Mix the two sugars well in a large mixing bowl, and once you're done, pour the mixture back into the jar. Next, you are ready for the olive oil. You want to pour it and let it bubble down to the bottom. You can mix it with a spoon if you're impatient... You basically use enough so that the sugar is moist, but not drenched. Then, just add as much vanilla as you deem necessary for the desired scent. The smell of the olive oil will be extremely overpowering at this stage, but don't fret! When you actually use it in the shower your skin will be left smelling only like vanilla, and will feel softer than ever before!

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